Shoreline Aesthetic Pruning

Shoreline Aesthetic Pruning Takes your property to the next level

We all like the water. Some of us love the water. Many enjoy the water so much, they are inspired to purchase property with shoreline frontage. Waterfront properties can stay in a family for generations, or maybe you're experiencing the excitement of a new purchase on one of Maine's many lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams. How ever you've acquired it, one thing is clearly evident, trees play an important role in the ecology, amounts of sun and shade, water view, and overall aesthetics of the property.

The Arborists at Pinnacle Tree share the same passion and vision you have for your waterfront property. We can turn the overgrown, misshaped, or storm damaged trees along your waterfront into a Picture Perfect Portrait you will enjoy. We know exactly which limbs to prune and which not to, in order to maximize the beauty of each tree, and it's beautiful backdrop.

Aesthetic pruning of your waterfront property should never be "An Experiment". You only have one chance to make the right decision in choosing Arborists for this delicate work. There are no "Do Overs". A keen eye for aesthetics and the ability to listen carefully in sharing your goals and vision for your waterfront property are what sets Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists apart from most all other tree care companies in Central Maine.

Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists can protect your shoreline while enhancing your waterfront view.

Call (207) 462-2222 or email Pinnacle Tree and one of our Arborists will meet you at your property for a no cost consultation, and see how beautiful your shoreline property can be!

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