Forest Manicure Aesthetic Pruning

Forest Manicure Aesthetic Pruning Takes your property to the next level

We all want a beautiful area surrounding our home to enjoy with friends and family. Most of us who live in wooded areas focus on the cleared area around the residence for maintenance (lawn area) and aesthetics (planting/landscaping).

In new construction, the builders objective is to clear the property and build your home. During this process the wooded areas are usually overlooked. Its not until the home owner has moved in, and had a chance to view the landscaped property, that they realize the beauty stops at the edge of the lawn. Its either..."You can't see the forest through the trees" or the forest you do see is a mess.

Pinnacle Tree Arborists have a trained eye for aesthetics and consider themselves artists as well as arborists. We can look at your overgrown, misshapen, or storm damaged but otherwise healthy trees, and envision them being as beautiful as possible. We do this through a two phase process. Phase one is removal of invasive saplings, dead/diseased trees, any "weed type" trees and uprooted or "blow downs". Phase two is the complete aesthetic prune of the remaining healthy (choice) trees, like turning your ugly ducklings into swans.

Let Pinnacle Tree transform the wooded area surrounding your residence or vacation home from something you currently don't enjoy to the look of an enchanted forest.

Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists’ will transform your wooded area into an enchanted forest.

Contact us at (207) 462-2222, and let the experts prune and manicure your surrounding property to a new level of beauty.

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