Low Landscape Impact

Low Landscape Impact: We have as many climbers as we have bucket trucks

Tree care carries with it the possibility of hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Heavy machinery and bucket trucks can tear up your yard, as well as your other trees and shrubs. A careless tree care company can leave a big, unwanted footprint on your property.

When you need tree removal or tree pruning, you can trust Central Maine’s tree care authority: Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists, out of Hallowell, ME. Our skilled team prides itself on significantly lessening the impact our tree care has on your landscape. We employ climbers to handle your tree removal and tree pruning, so there is no need for heavy trucks and machinery that can cause collateral damage to your remaining trees and surrounding property. We take every precaution and pay attention to even the smallest detail to keep your property pristine as we handle your tree removal and pruning.

Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists’ tree climbers can trim and prune your trees minimizing the impact on your land.

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