The Best Tree Pruning Service in Downeast Maine

We Care For Your Trees As Much As You Do

A beautifully pruned, perfectly shaped tree instantly and infinitely adds to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn and landscape. But when you are searching for a tree service company to properly prune those trees, you do not want to trust just anybody. You want a tree pruning expert who will invest as much care into your beloved trees as you do. You want Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists in Hallowell, ME. We provide elite tree pruning services all across Kennebec County, ME, Lincoln County, ME, and Sagadahoc County, ME. Contact us today at (207) 462-2222, by email at, or by using the provided contact form, and find out what the arboricultural experts at Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists can do for you.

We Specialize in Complete Aesthetic Tree Pruning

We will gladly prune those nuisance limbs hanging above your residence, office building or lines throughout Downeast Maine, but at Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists, our true specialty -- and passion -- is complete aesthetic pruning. Our team members all have an artistic eye to properly and beautifully prune your treasured trees. We understand how much you cherish your trees, how important they are to the overall design of your landscaping, and how much time and care you have invested into them. We also understand how hesitant you are to allow a tree service company to prune them. You can, however, trust Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists with your favorite trees. We have pruned the trees around the Maine State Capitol in Augusta, ME, and the historic Old North Church in Boston. Our customers always trust us to that degree, and we always deliver. This is a big reason why they do business with us. This is why you should do business with us, too.

We Keep the Surrounding Forest Looking Good, Too

We know that you keep your property looking perfect, but what about the surrounding forest? Downed branches, fallen trees, and unsightly brush can ruin that intended impeccable image immediately at the tree line, spoiling your vision for your yard. To remedy that, Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists offers exceptional forest manicure services. Our team will manicure and prune the woods surrounding your residence or place of business. We will remove dead, fallen, and diseased trees. We will get rid of weed-type trees and prune the mature trees. We will keep the healthy, picturesque trees and make strides to keep them healthy. Mother Nature’s beauty is a huge draw in our great state of Maine and particularly around your home or business, and Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists will keep Mother Nature looking her best.

Pinnacle Tree is Your Tree Service Choice in Downeast Maine

Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists should be your choice for tree service throughout Kennebec County, ME, Lincoln County, ME, and Sagadahoc County, ME. In addition to our elite tree pruning and forest manicure services, we provide you with outstanding tree removal, and we promise a low landscape impact with all of our tree service. You can absolutely rely on our team to go above and beyond for you and your trees. Contact us today to discover what Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists can do for you and your trees. We are the elite tree service in Downeast Maine. Choose Pinnacle Tree.

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