Customer Testimonies - Pinnacle Tree

“They were very good to deal with! They did a wonderful job, cleaned up afterword, were very friendly, and were very pleasant! Overall good experience!”
- Suzanne C.

“I made a phone call, he called me right back and was out within the next few days to take a look! Gave us the estimate, communicated when he was coming out to complete the project. You would have no idea they were even here with their thorough clean up - no branches or limbs left over. I was incredibly happy with the process and would highly recommend them to anybody!”
- Beth K.

“They went above and beyond and didn't leave a mess behind. They came when they said they were going to and did a little bit more than I had anticipated they would.”
- Allen C.

“They did a fabulous job. They showed up on time, cleaned everything up, and charged me a reasonable price. I was very satisfied.”
- Sue C.

“A great company to do business with. They're fair, honest, and easy to do work with. I have no complaints whatsoever.”
- Dave D.

“They did what they said they would do. They've done work for us twice now, and when they left we couldn't even tell they had been there - there was no mess! His prices were so good we had them out twice and saved a lot of money in the process!”
- Melody A.

“Removal of a large, rotten spruce tree that was hanging over our house:
This went amazingly well. We were really concerned about this tree because it was hanging over the house we just purchased and showed clear signs of insect damage. Greg was so kind, courteous, and, best of all, got a crew out there so fast to take the tree down. When I came back from work, the tree was gone and they had all but vacuumed the yard. Truly exceptional work, and I would recommend them to anybody.”



Mount Vernon


Northern Lincoln

South Bristol



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