Tree Care Beyond the Tree Line and on the Shoreline

Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists is Central Maine’s Pruning Expert

You have meticulously sculpted your lawn, and all of your time, care, planning, and work has paid off in perfection … right up to the tree line of the surrounding woods or the shoreline bordering your property. Tangled brush and unseemly, misshapen, or dead trees haunt the edges of your dreamscape, and there, beauty and order become chaos. What can you do?
Call on Pinnacle Tree Professional Arborists, out of Hallowell, ME. We are Central Maine’s tree care authority, and we expertly handle all of your forest manicure and shoreline pruning needs. Our skilled team will make sure the area surrounding your property looks just as perfect as your lawn. We clear all of the unsightly brush, remove any dead or diseased trees, and perfectly prune those remaining trees, so that your picturesque dream becomes a reality, even beyond the tree line or along the shoreline.
Contact us today by phone at (207) 462-2222, by email at, or make an appointment online. You can fully trust us with your tree care. We are Pinnacle Tree.
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